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Elektion for a new president

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Dear Guppy Friends,
As you all know, my legislature as President of the IKGH comes this year to an end.
I have been your president for 7 years and look back with satisfaction on the past period.
Maybe I did not realize all that I first had in mind.
Still, I think a lot has been achieved in the past seven years to promote the high breeding of guppies on an international scale.
I want to thank you for the support you have given me during these years.
The question that most people asked themselves in recent months, was who will take over the rudder of the IKGH after me?
In that respect, I have received attached letter from Steve Elliott - I suggest to reading it carefully.
Please send your answer to us before the 30th of October.

With guppy regards,
Ps. Any other candidacy may also be submitted to us until October 30.

Lieber Guppyfreunde,
Wie Sie alle wissen, ist in diesem Jahr mein Mandat zu Ende als Präsident des IKGH.
Ich bin dann 7 Jahre Präsident gewesen und blicke zurück mit Zufriedenheit auf die vergangene Zeit.
Vielleicht habe ich nicht alles realisieren können, was ich erst im Sinne hatte.
Trotzdem denke ich, dass in den letzten sieben Jahren viel erreicht worden ist, um die Guppy Hochzucht zu fördern auf internationaler Ebene.
Ich möchte Ihnen danken für die Unterstützung, die Sie mir in diesen Jahren gegeben haben.
Die Frage, die die Meisten sich in den letzten Monaten gefragt haben, war, wer sich das Ruder der IKGH nach mir übernehmen würde?
In dieser Hinsicht erhielt ich einen Brief von Steve Elliott (sieh beigefügt) - ich schlage vor, diesen Brief sorgfältig zu lesen.
Bitte senden Sie Ihre Antwort an uns bevor den 30. Oktober.
Mit Guppygrüssen,
Ps. Alle anderen Kandidaturen können ebenfalls bis 30. Oktober bei uns eingereicht werden.

Chers Amis,
Comme vous le savez tous, cette année ma législature en tant que président de l'IKGH sera fini.
J’étais votre président pour 7 années et regarde en arrière avec satisfaction sur la période passée.
Peut-être que je n'avais pas réalisé tout ce que j'avais d'abord à l’esprit.
Pourtant, je pense que beaucoup a été réalisé au cours des sept dernières années pour promouvoir la haute élevage du guppy au niveau international.
Je tiens à vous remercier pour le soutien que vous m'avez donné au cours de ces années.
La question que la plupart des gens se demandaient ces derniers mois, était qui prendra après moi le gouvernail de l’IKGH?
À cet égard, j’avais réçu une lettre de Steve Elliott (ci-joint) - je vous suggère de lire attentivement.
Veuillez nous envoyer votre réponse avant le 30ième Octobre.
Ps. Toutes autres applications peuvent également être soumises jusqu'au 30 Octobre à nous.

IKGH President 2017
The reign of Eddy Vanvoorden and his IKGH team is coming to an end, despite already being extended and because it is clearly a difficult unappreciated and thankless job, no one is willing to become involved or volunteer for the position. So my first thoughts are actually to thank Eddy for his time and effort over the last 6 years.
There have been many requests for me to take the roll and I am honoured and flattered by the suggestions. Up until now I have resisted any such suggestion. There have been many occasions during the last two years when I have reconsidered and while thinking positively my 'weakening' has been wiped out by happenings and individuals who have confirmed and strengthened my resistance to taking on such a task. Whoever takes on the roll to become the President of the IKGH must be completely stupid.
So, weakening again, I wonder what such a roll would involve. In my view it is the responsibility of the president to do the following:
1 To administer the registration of membership to the IKGH
2 To administer the allocation of European Championship shows
3 To administer the standards and the rules of the IKGH
All of this to ensure a smooth performance of the organisation.
It sounds easy, but clearly there are many pitfalls, obstacles and minefields would that have to be encountered and overcome.
There are issues that have been mentioned to me that would need to be dealt with by the new administrator.
Some clubs have difficulty in arranging a bank payment of the IKGH fees. It has suggested that a Paypal account would solve any problems.
There is no rule that states who can or can not be a member. It is a world recognised and respected organisation and is currently not restricted to European membership. In addition we have a European Championship and there is a discussion as to whether it should be only for European clubs (like FIFA in football) or if it is a European award that is open to the whole to compete for.
With regards to the shows there are two issues to be attended to. Firstly the discussion as to the frequency of shows and the two week period between shows (should Trio shows be considered separately from Pairs shows or should all shows be considered together). Secondly, the awarding of IKGH European Championship Shows which is currently unclear and misunderstood as to what the rules actually state and require.
With regards to the standards, there are requests that a new tail shape (the Half Moon Tail) be included within the standards. In addition there may be issues with judges training and also compliance of the IKGH rules for IKGH European Championship shows.

So that is an outline of issues that need to be resolved together with any other 'day to day' hassles and problems that arise. The other major consideration whilst organising these tasks is that it is done in a professional manner with 100% and unquestionable integrity.
As previously stated, any one who is considering the task is crazy...............
The question is, am I crazy enough ? The answer is NO not completely. I would accept a nomination only with certain conditions :
1 There is no other applicant or person willing to take the task, in which case they are welcome to apply for the position.
2 The job is limited to 2 years (as per existing rules) at which time a review of the presidency can take place.
3 If there is no other applicant then I would not like to 'walk in' to the job by default. After careful consideration I find it necessary to receive complete acceptance from EVERY IKGH member club, in writing, to show their support, approval and confidence.
4 All communication from me would be in English. It would be the responsibility of the receiver to translate everything into their own language. I do not have time to Google translate everything into all IKGH languages before sending out.

I look forward to the response

Stephen Elliott

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