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IKGH report 1 - Stephen Elliott

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March11th, 2017


It has not been long since I have been confirmed as the IKGH President.

Firstly I would like to thank all the member clubs for their acceptance for me to
do the job.

I will certainly do my best to carry out the wishes of the members and to guide
them to improve the IKGH.

The first thing to deal with is to confirm and establish good communications.

I have my current list but I am sure that it may be changing with the voting for
new club boards that traditionally takes place at the beginning of the year.

If the members of your club board changes at any time then please let me know.

This message has been sent to a representative of each club and some others.

If you receive it in error please let me know.

If you receive this in error please tell me who it should be sent to
for your club.

If your club has several people who should receive my messages please
confirm their details.

If there is anyone who is not happy for their email address to be
visible to everyone with this list then please let me know.

Please send all formal IKGH replies and messages to this email


Please send a copy of your messages in your own language and then if
there is a problem with the English translation I will have something
to use for clarification

One of my first tasks is to sort out the finances of the IKGH.

I have requested that the treasurer provides the bookwork so that an audit can
take place.

It is best to begin the new regime with everything fresh and clear.

Unfortunately nothing is forthcoming despite requests.

I believe at this time that there is no problem with the funds, only with getting
the information.

I have been trying to organise a new Bank account.

The new bank account should be in place soon.

I have received several requests for details so that membership fees can be paid.

Thank you for your patience, I will confirm when the bank account is ready.

When the bank account is in place, then I will be settled into my new position to
proceed forward with several items that need to be discussed and agreed by the
IKGH members.

There are several things that I have already had to deal with and including the
following :

1 The show in Bulgaria will be judged on Saturday and not the usual

2 I have sent several messages, without a reply, to the treasurer to
arrange for the bookwork to be complete and an audit arranged.

3 A formal application has been received to include the Half Moon Tail
into the IHS. (International High-Breeding Standard).

A vote will be organised by the end of the year so that the Half Moon Tail can
be included in 2018 if accepted.

If it is accepted then we will need to discuss and agree what
reference number it should be given (it is a large tail 5 or 13 ? ).

4 A complaint / enquiry was received because a breeder did not receive
his 'winners trophy' from the 2016 show in Zilina.

I was able to confirm that the trophies were only for best short
tail, best Sword tail and best Large tail, thus there was not a
missing trophy and the breeder was satisfied.

I would recommend that the awards and trophies are informed as part of the show
invitations and publicity.

5 It has been confirmed that Eddy has several boxes of IKGH documents
that date back to the beginning of the organisation.

He is happy to store them until arrangements can be made for me to collect them.

6 I have received several invitations to attend shows as a judge.

It is my intention to try to visit all shows, but not all the same year !

So please be patient !

7 An administrative error had excluded some judges from the official
list for 2017.

Wiśniewski Andrzej and Czyż Tomasz have been correctly added to PTAT judges
list and the IKGH website updated.

8 A picture was found of the 2005 EC winner Gunther Kother (DGLZ) and
the IKGH website updated.

9 The details of the EC show in Vienna has been received.

10 I have received membership enquiries from two guppy clubs.

11 I have received several requests for bank details so that membership
fees can be paid.

12 I was informed about the show classes in the 2017 World Guppy Contest
in Taiwan.

5 of the 12 IKGH classes were not included.

I contacted the organisers and negotiated with the result that all 12
IKGH classes are now included in the show.

13 I have been able to clarify to several clubs the information that they
need to include in their show invitation and marketing.

It is my hope that I will send regular reports such as this to inform you of
things that are happening.

My report will also include financial information.


Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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