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IKGH message 004 - Stephen Elliott

in Ausstellungen 29.05.2017 18:02
von franzpeter | 9.364 Beiträge

Dear IKGH members.
Liebe Mitglieder

I have received membership fee for 2017 from various clubs.
Ich habe von verschiedenen Klubs Mitgliedsbeiträge für 2017 erhalten

We have a new bank account into which you can make payments.
Wir haben ein neues Bankkonto für eure Zahlungen

The membership fee is 60 Euro per country.
Der Mitgliedsbeitrag beträgt 60 Euro pro Land

For example, if there are 3 clubs in a country they pay 20 Euro each
Z.B. wenn ein Land 3 Klubs hat, bezahlen sie jeder 20 Euro

The IKGH Bank account details are as following :
Die IKGH Bankdaten sind folgend

sort code 20-45-77

Account Number 59880688

SWIFT BIC code for Barclays Bank UK BARCGB22

IBAN number GB38 BARC 2045 7759 8806 88

If you have any problems or questions please let me know.
Wenn sie irgendein Problem oder eine Frage haben, lassen sie es mich wissen

It is OK to pay me cash.
Es ist OK mit Bargeld zu zahlen

Many thanks
Vielen Dank

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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IKGH message 003 - Stephen Elliott

in Ausstellungen 30.05.2017 13:00
von franzpeter | 9.364 Beiträge

Dear IKGH members.
Liebe IKGH Mitglieder

I will be sending several messages during the next few days. Please watch for
Ich werde einige Mitteilungen während der nächsten paar Tage senden. Achtet auf sie.

With regards to the next pairs show, in Bulgaria.
Unter Bezug auf die Pärchenausstellung in Bulgarien

There are rumours that entries have been restricted to 5 per club.
Es gibt Gerüchte, dass die Teilnahme auf 5 per Klub begrenzt wurde.

I have checked with the organisers and they confirm that there are no
restrictions at all.
Ich habe bei den Organisatoren nachgeforscht und diese bestätigen, dass es überhaupt keine Begrenzungen gibt.
You may send as many entries as you would normally wish.

They can accommodate for 270 entries which is plenty for our European contest.
Sie können 270 Teilnehmer unterbringen, was viel für eine europäische Ausstellung ist.

You can contact the Bulgarian club to register your entries at
Ihr könnt den bulgarischen Klub wegen der Anmeldung folgendermaßen kontaktieren<.

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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IKGH message 005 - very important

in Ausstellungen 03.06.2017 19:50
von franzpeter | 9.364 Beiträge

It is with great disappointment that I report to you that I have been

investigating several allegations of cheating at guppy shows.

Cheating is not acceptable in any way and all suggestions and allegations will
always be fully investigated.

It is the responsibility of every club to ensure that its members do not cheat,
and because it is the club who potentially gain advantage from such dishonest
behaviour, and points gained towards the awarding of the following years European
Championship shows will be prejudiced. I confirm that on this occasion the
European Championship is unaffected

This, and any, cheating will cast a shadow and whole club of the offender will be
closely scrutinised in the future.

I confirm that all guppies should be bred by the exhibitor as clearly stated the
IKGH rules.

In these days of very good quality photography, it is very easy to prove beyond
any doubt, by looking at colour and even fin ray structure, if individual fish
have been entered at previous shows. The winning fish of every show are
particularly subject to the attention of photographers and all pictures are
circulated throughout the hobby and social media.

It addition all breeders should be warned that shop bought strains are different
from our normal High Breed strains.

I have received full admittance of the offence and a full apology from the guilty
person. I have been told that this offenders club will be taking disciplinary

On this occasion I do not intend to identify the individual or the club, but rest
assured that if there is any repeat of the cheating then I will have no
hesitation what so ever in disclosing full identity to the IKGH membership. A
very close eye will be kept upon this individual and indeed his club.

Cheating will not be tolerated.

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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