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Proposed IKGH meeting.

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Dear members,

The vast majority of IKGH members have agreed that there is a need to have a
meeting to discuss various rules and to agree adjustment and addition to the IKGH
Standard. This is the document that everyone has agreed is the rules and
regulations of all aspects of our group. Late last year I announced that we would
have a meeting in March / April time and invited proposals to host the meeting
and also proposals for items that would be discussed. The items of the agenda are
currently being formatted for easy use and will be issued in the near future,

With regards to the venue and location of the proposed meeting I received one
invitation complete with all details from Slovakia and a second from Germany
after some protests that the meeting should be held in the west of Europe.
Unfortunately after a great deal of messages, waiting and patience, the German
proposal has been abandoned due to no response from the original proposer.

Much time had been lost, although it can be said that the ‘Dusseldorfe’
option was given every opportunity, and I had doubts about the timing before
March/April. I sought advise from several people including our two Vice Chairmen,
and everyone was in agreement that the meeting should still take place in April.
The only other option is to delay until November.

It has been suggested that a meeting could be organised at one of our EC shows.
It has been my experience that when meetings such as this are organised at
another event, with the best will in the world it never works out.

It is best to have the meeting before the show season. There will not be any rule
changes that would affect the running of a show (if any were to be agreed they
would begin in 2019), but there may be administrative or other changes that would
be useful before the show season. The rules state :

214 Supplement 6

5.7 1 The current IKGH rules, including the latest version of the IHS, must be
'published' with all amendments and alterations made at the IKGH congress by 31st
March prior to the show season.

I would point out now that the rules for organising a meeting are clear.

214 Supplement 6

5.3 1 The organisation of an IKGH meeting must be announced to the members at
least 9 months before the meeting.

2 The final invitation to the member association representatives must
include the exact date, place and agenda and shall be

announced 3 months before the meeting.

5.4 Items for the agenda (proposals for discussion and proposals for voting) must
be conveyed to the IKGH at least 4 months before the meeting.

I would agree that the 9 months announcement of the intended meeting, the three
months notice of the details of the meeting and 4 months notice of agenda have
not been provided, I have again consulted and the consensus is that the meeting
is very much important and these rules should be set to one side. It is my
understanding that these time limits were set in the days before the internet and
ease of world travel and do not represent the modern era and it has been proposed
that these timings are adjusted accordingly. This is one of the items on the

However, further discussions with regards to the proposed meeting in Slovakia
towards the end of April revealed that the availability of the venue has been
taken by weddings etc and is no longer available due to my excessive patience of
waiting for the Dusseldorf option to materialise. The only weekend date now
available is 7th / 8th April. This obviously compounds the aforementioned date
rule problems.

Whilst I would like to announce this meeting now, I fear that it would be unfair
to some to have such short notice. Thus I would suggest this: The proposed
meeting will be as aforementioned. I require a response from all member clubs to
state that they will or will not take part in the meeting by 6pm FRIDAY 8th
February. If the response is that 15 or more clubs will attend then I will make
an immediate announcement so that members can then commit to travel arrangements.
If there are less than 15 clubs who wish to proceed then I do not think it is
sufficient and we will postpone the meeting until November 2018. So that in
affect is the choice. One or the other - April 7th or November 2018.

I will distribute the proposed agenda as soon as possible.

Proposed Meeting details:

Location: Slovakia, 974 05 Banská Bystrica, Kremnička 16, Penzión „U
Vinca” www.uvinca.sk <http://www.uvinca.sk/>

The program:

Arrival Friday 6th April 2018 afternoon / evening
Meeting starts 9.30am Saturday 7th and continues to the end of Sunday 8th
People to depart after 5pm on Sunday or Monday morning

Accommodation :

Fee: EUR 17 per night
Accommodation details:

single rooms, double rooms, triple rooms, quadruple room

Rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Reservations must be received by 28th February.

Catering : Meals for Saturday and Sunday cost 18 Euro per day

Transportation: Collection to and from airport (Bratislava) is available by
arrangement only and is free of charge.

A maximum of two representatives from each club plus one interpreter if required.

All costs and expenses are to be responsibility of each person. The IKGH can not
contribute towards any costs.

Members are reminded of the following :

5.5 1 During voting, each country has six votes, irrespective of the number of
members. If there is more than one association from a single country then the
votes must be equally divided to each of the associations of that country.

4 Voting must be won with a 2/3 majority of the responding

5 Transferring of votes by an absent association to another
association from the same country is only

authorised if a written confirmation of the transfer is
presented at the meeting.

6 Transferring voting right from one country to another is prohibited.

7 The voting right can only be transferred through the IKGH.

8 Transferring of the votes must be confirmed at the beginning of the
IKGH meeting.

I will be happy to receive pre written votes based upon the agenda from members
who are not in attendance. However, any such vote will be simply ‘yes’ or
‘no’ or ‘abstain’, and can not take into consideration any discussions at
the meeting or any alterations or amendments to the proposals during the meeting.

I also take this opportunity to thank Marian Stieranka for his work in making
arrangements and enabling the proposed meeting.

I look forward to receiving the response from you by 6pm FRIDAY 8th February, and
from all member clubs to state that they will or will not attend the meeting.

Stephen Elliott

IKGH President

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RE: Proposed IKGH meeting.

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von franzpeter | 9.302 Beiträge

Dear members,

Several messages have been sent by other members in recent months that are
causing a problem.

They are not sending to the correct and up to date members list, as such I have
had a complaint that they are selectively sending their messages which is not
fair to the others who do not receive. It is also the case that others that might
no longer be on the mailing list are receiving IKGH business that is irrelevant
to them and could be interpreted as junk mail.

I have also been advised upon the data protection laws that I know we have in the
UK and so assume they are relevant in Europe, although I am not sure about the
rest of the world.

Impromptu messages have also served to confuse members.

As President of the IKGH my roll is to properly administer, and this includes
communications. I therefore INSIST that all messages are sent to me for
distribution to all the relevant members on the current communication list.

You will recall that I requested email contact addresses from each member club.
This also included the opportunity to have several additional members in the club
who could also receive all communications. It is only reasonable that the people
on the current list can receive every and all messages. The list is not set for
the year and can obviously change with additions and omissions that are informed
to me.

I remind all members that the rules state : 214 Supplement 6 4.1 1 The President
receives all information intended for the IKGH and must distribute it through the
IKGH notes.

So please ensure that all messages are sent directly to me at
ikgh.president@europe.com <mailto:ikgh.president@europe.com> for
distribution to all relevant members.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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Guppy show/ exhibition in Bangkok Stephen Elliott - 18:56

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von franzpeter | 9.302 Beiträge

There is to be a guppy show in Bangkok, Thailand during the last weekend of March
2018. The show will take place at “Fish village” in the district of Ban Pong
Ratchaburi and is about 1,5 hours West from Bangkok. “Fish village” is the
biggest (and newest) trading place for ornamental fish in Thailand .

During the weekend from March 29th until April 1st, in addition to normal
trading, there will be 5 different shows/competitions including a Guppy
Competition that will be organised according to the Thai standards. The event is
supported by the Royal family of the Thailand. A member of the Royal family will
perform the opening ceremony on the 28th.

The IKGH will use the opportunity to present 70 – 100 Guppy–pairs to include
all of the 13 IKGH tail shapes if possible. We are not competing against the
Thai/Asian standard but want to show and to discuss how we look at the guppy and
how we breed in our 13 standards. For the next step we will explain the IKGH way
of judging in a second seminary in the near future (2019) .

Participants (Guppy friends) from China, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia,
Singapore, and breeders from several European countries have already confirmed
their support through their presence and arrival on March 28th.

The donated fish are being benched and put in tanks on the morning of March 29th
where up to 100 tanks will be prepared for us. The fish will be sold on April

From March 29th until April 1st visits to fish farms (not only guppy farms) will
be organised.

We have found a little Hotel in the area that is about half an hour drive from
fish village, for about 25 EURO per day including breakfast. Participants are
picked up at the airport on the 28th and transferred to the event daily from the
hotel in organised transport.

Breeders who are interested can contact:

Jens Thulke by mail : thulkeguppy@gmail.com
<mailto:thulkeguppy@gmail.com> or by phone 0151-23321066 or

Hermann Ernst Magoschitz druck@magoschitz.de
<mailto:druck@magoschitz.de> or by phone 0173 9 77 555 3

We would appreciate your good guppies for the pairs show.

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there will be no meeting in April.

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von franzpeter | 9.302 Beiträge

Dear IKGH members.

Last week I stated the intention to arrange a meeting to discuss and make changes
to the IKGH rules, which is required for several different issues. There are also
many more minor items that would make a total of more than 50 items on the

However, I also stated that for the meeting to take place I would require at
least 15 clubs to attend in order to make it worthwhile.

I can now report that at 6pm today from 18 replies, only 4 clubs are able to
attend. This is a long way short of the target that set. Most clubs have stated
that they would very much prefer a meeting in November of 2018. I thank all
clubs for their contribution and comments.

So, for the avoidance of doubt I clearly state that there will be no meeting in

I will endeavour to arrange the new meeting to take place in November.

I will endeavour to confirm the details in the next few weeks.

I will also forward the list of current proposals to all members.

Thank you

Stephen Elliott

IKGH President

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