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EC show for Pairs in Hasselt

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Dear IKGH members,

I have received the following communication from the Belgium club with regards to
the European Championship show status that they have been awarded:

Dear Mr President, dear Guppy Friends,

It is with pain in the heart that our Guppy club has to refuse the opportunity to
have an EC show for Pairs in Hasselt.

Our members, including myself, were very excited when we were chosen to organize
an EC show in 2018, combined with our Intercontinental Guppy Challenge in the
beginning of May.

We want to thank the IKGH community for this privilege!

Up to this day, I must emphasize that our members have done a great job, finding
new sponsors and collecting the necessary materials to make it a great success.

One can not underestimate the work that comes with this, because we suddenly had
to organize two shows at the same time - getting extra racks, extra tanks and
materials. Maybe you can compare the workload with the organization of a World
Guppy Championship.

Since we are only a small club, our members have put their extra shoulders under
this venture.

But to no avail - unfortunately.

This week we received the sad news that our main sponsor quits.

This unfortunate decision was fatal for our grand plans, with the risk of ending
into a big financial loss.

The only right decision - although a hard one - is to hand back our allocation to
the IKGH, so that another club can profit from this occasion to organize an EC
show for Pairs in 2018.

Our Guppy club wants to emphasize that we still organize our INTERCONTINENTAL
GUPPY CHALLENGE in De Ploeg in Diepenbeek (Hasselt) as planned.

You are still welcome to come and send your best fish to our guppy contest.

Our IKGH President also confirmed that the handing over of the trophies of the
European Championship 2017 will still take place on our breeder's evening on
Saturday 5th of May - to which you are warmly invited.

With kind Guppy regards,

Eddy Vanvoorden,


The Pairs show in Belgium is therefore no longer a European Championship show.

The allocation of 5 shows must be restored. There are two applicants, who were
previously disappointed, who can have their qualifications compared to select
which one can be chosen to have their show upgraded with the EC status award. GGC
in Italy and FGUK in the UK.

However, I am not prepared to award EC status to five clubs and leave just one
applicant that does not have EC status. This has always been my view.

So, without any comparison of qualifications I would like to award both shows
with EC status. This is according to the rule which states that the President can
award additional EC shows.

There will therefore now be 6 European Championship Pairs shows for 2018 and not

I have spoken to both clubs who are very happy to accept their new EC show

Please update your diary to accommodate the changes.

I would also like to thank Eddy Vanvoorden and the Belgium Guppy club for their
efforts and wish them every success with their Intercontinental Guppy Challenge.
I know that the decision to withdraw has not been easy but is very wise in the

Stephen Elliott

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