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IKGH Meeting in Slovakia Stephen Elliott - 07.10.2018 16:14

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The meeting in Slovakia will take place on 16th and 17th November 2018.

Currently we are expecting about 25 people in attendance representing about 18
IKGH member clubs.

Some IKGH clubs have responded with genuine reasons and apologies for non
attendance. It is disappointing that there are a handful of clubs that have not
responded at all. This is a rare opportunity to make the IKGH in accordance with
the members wishes, it is a shame that several clubs have not showed enough
interest to even respond.

All clubs have already received the details and agenda complete with all of the

It is very important that those attending the meeting have translated the
proposals and are familiar with them. We will not have time to read and translate
every item in the meeting.

Some of the proposals are complex and will require serious debate to reach an
acceptable conclusion. Some of the proposals will simply require a ‘yes’ or
‘no’ vote without debate.

I have therefor attached a form so that those clubs who are not available to
attend but are still interested in helping to guide the IKGH, can still have the
opportunity to have a say in the decisions of the meeting. Clearly it is not as
good as attending the meeting in person.

There are some conditions that I will insist on :

Votes will only be accepted from clubs that have fully paid their membership
There are 6 votes per country divided by the number of paid clubs as per normal
Votes can be transferred to another club of the same country only and only with
written authority. I need that written authority.
Votes can be provided for only one or for any number of the proposals. It is not
compulsory to vote for every item.
The President will accept votes on the attached form only when the proposals are
NOT amended or changed at the meeting. If a minor change such as a date is
amended, then that will be deemed to be acceptable for the vote to be counted
but if there is a change in the intention of the proposal then the vote will not
be counted. The President will decide to include or not and the decision will be
final. If you are not in agreement with this then do not vote with this form.
Votes made by this form will be available for audit but will not be made public.
No comments received about Proposals will be used in the meeting.
Only votes received on or before 10th November 2018 will be accepted.

If any member club wants clarification of anything then please let me know

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

(Das Formular in ods Format wird nicht akzeptiert)

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