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2018 European Championship Results

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Dear IKGH Members,

Please find attached the results of the 2018 European Championship for both the
Trio competition and Pairs competition.

The list lincludes everyone who took part in the competitions.

Certificates will be awarded to everyone who took part in the minimum of 4 shows
for each of the competitions.

I congratulate all participants and all the winners.

I also thank Peter Dyer for his work in listing the results on the IKGH website.

The final list of trophy winners is as following:

2018 European Championship Winners

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RE: 2018 European Championship Results

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Yesterday I displayed the list of 2018 European Championship winners and
neglected to include an equal 3rd place in the pairs competition for large tails.
Here is the corrected list


Steve Elliott

IKGH President

2018 European Championship Winners
get. 3,Ostaszewski




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RE: 2018 European Championship Results

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IKGH 2019 European Championship Show Status

We are at the end of the 2018 show season.

I congratulate all competitors and also all the clubs that organised a European
Championship Show.

I attach the final results, Congratulations to all the winners. I thank Peter for
his work with this and for the website that has shown all the results as they
have become available.

So now the question that everyone is asking. Who will be awarded a European
Championship show for 2019?

I am sure that everyone is aware that applications can be accepted up to the 30th
November and until then we don’t know who has applied for an EC show. This is
the reason for the delay in publishing the 2019 European Championship list.
Indeed there was more than one application received just in time !

As previously in 2017 the calculations seem straight forward and are according to
the rules.

The easy part is the three winners of the competition classes and the two clubs
that have not had a show for the longest time. This gives 5 shows (a total of 10
when pairs and trios are added together).

The part that some think should be considered is the alleged two other shows for
highest pointed winners. This is not clear in the rules. How would we select two
from the three categories ? Do we simply say the highest pointed from all three
categories amalgamated is selected ? Potentially the two could then be selected
from one category which would then exclude the other two which seems unfair and

I agree that the awarding of EC status should be won in competition. For those
that suggest it is always the same clubs that win and so exclude the newer and
less able clubs, I would say that the winners deserve their prize but I also see
the wisdom of having two shows selected from those that have not had an EC show
for the longest time.

European Championship Show status should be an honour and privilege and not
simply something available to every show. This would devalue the competition.

The more experienced breeders know that a total of 10 EC shows per year is enough
and that 14 EC shows per year is too much.

Others, I have been told, are only interested to hold a EC show themselves in the
mistaken belief that it will bring their club prosperity. These are also the
people that do not seem to take part in the competition themselves and support
other shows, but they still want to host an EC show. They seem to have a selfish
opinion and not one regarding the general benefit of the IKGH membership and EC

On this occasion I also have to consider that one club has been awarded both a
pairs show and a trio show at the same event. I am completely satisfied that they
have the experience, capability and resources to do this and congratulate them in
being the first ever to do this.

After careful consideration I confirm the following EC status for 2019 with their
show date:


Large tails

1st Place Hermann Ernst Magoschitz DGD did not apply

2nd Place Jan Budai SZCH 1st

Sword tails

1st Place Michael Milde ÖGG
27th July 2019

Short tails

1st Place Cristian Sologni GGC 21st
September 2019

The other clubs that applied for a European Championship Show for pairs, with the
date of their last European Championship Show were:

Show date Club Date of last EC show

15th June CAGD 7th July 2018

10TH August HWGC Never hosted

24th August FGUK 29th September 2018

7th September KPR 8th September 2018

5th October AME Never hosted

From the list, it is clear that HWGC and AME have not had an EC show for the
longest time !

That gives a total of five 2019 European Championship shows for pairs.

SZCH 1st June Slovakia

ÖGG 27th July Austria

HWGC 10th August Poland

GGC 21st September Italy

AME 5th October Hungary.


This is slightly easier to calculate. There are 6 clubs in total that have

Poland PTAT 27th April 2019

France EGS 18th May 2019

Italy AIAG 29th June 2019

Germany DGD 13th July 2019

Austria ÖGG 27th July 2019

France AVF 12th October 2019

3 are selected from the winners of the European Championship competition 2018. 2
are selected from the remaining clubs who have not had a show for the longest
time. That leaves one lone ‘losing ‘ club. As per my statement last year I
think it unreasonable that one club is disappointed by this situation, so I use
my ability as President to award an additional EC status and confirm that all six
applicants are awarded EC status for 2019 without the need of calculation.

Furthermore, I note that there are 4 pairs shows for 2019 and also 5 shows for
trios, and one show that is hosting both a Trio competition and a Pairs
competition. I would like to award an extra pairs show (to make a total of 6
events). My selection would be the highest pointed 2nd place in the 2019
competition. This would have been KPR, but unfortunately there is a rule which
states a maximum of two EC shows per year per country and the allocation is
already taken. The next highest pointed result from 2018 is CAGD. Thus I use my
ability as President to award an additional EC status to CAGD.

The complete and final list is therefore with 11 show events as following:

European Championship show status for 2019






27th April




18th May




1st June




15th June




29th June




13th July




27th July





10th August




21st September




5th October




12th October




Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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