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Dear Steven, Dear Friends

I would like to remind Steven that you are not the owner of IKGH or King of
IKGH, but only the President, whose role should be to coordinate the work
of the union.

>From the content of your message below we have learned that you are not
able to fulfil the duties of the President, because you are not able to
talk to IKGH members? Sad. Your words about Bill indicate that you do not
feel like doing such work and you will not do work for all clubs, and do I
understand correctly that we should accept this as resignation from work
for all clubs, i.e. IKGH President? Since when, since the announcement of
unwillingness to work for all members? So immediately?

I fully support Bill's efforts to help organize IKGH. I see such a need and
I am not satisfied with how the IKGH administration works today. Our club
is also overlooked by the President in IKGH correspondence and after calls
from colleagues from other clubs I know that our club is not the only one.

The local British conflict created by Steven in England at the time of the
creation of President Guppy Club you want to transfer to the entire IKGH -
no thanks. Be a PGC President but don't manipulate us with your own
conflicts using IKGH power.

After the last scandal as a result of which Steven Elliot proclaimed
himself the President of IKGH, I remind you that as convening meeting in
Slovakia in Banská Bystrica, Steven did not inform the participants of the
meeting about the attempt to elect himself and as the leader of the
meeting, he did not inform the participants about the vote on who should
administer IKGH, and then he personally acknowledged himself the position
of IKGH President, despite the participants' objection to this way of
conducting meetings. A correction was to be introduced at IKGH to prevent
colleague Steven Elliot from manipulating subsequent topics related to the
administration of IKGH and ... it turns out that the situation from the
last meeting was no accident and colleague Steven Elliot still sends
invitations to IKGH meetings only to a group of common interests.

I remind you, during the last IKGH meeting in Slovakia in Banská Bystrica,
we agreed that it will never happen again that IKGH meetings will be
convened secretly by the President of IKGH, without information for anyone
who is the recipient of the message in a manipulative manner. Steven Elliot
has committed that all correspondence addressed to IKGH members will cease
to be manipulated, concealed and become open and transparent to all
members. To date, this has not been done - the information is still being
manipulated and serves the policy of the President of IKGH. For what?

I consider Bill's efforts to introduce transparent and honest IKGH conduct
to be very necessary and right. I perceive the attacks on his person and
the desire to depreciate these efforts as a political struggle to stay in
the position of the President of IKGH. Sad.

We currently have 45 associated clubs at IKGH, why were they not all
informed about the date of the next meeting? How many were informed? What a
shame that we can not trust in such a simple thing as managing
corespondence of IKGH. What is the problem to be TRANSPARENT?

As for mourning, each of us is sad that Peter is missing, I have repeatedly
witnessed Peter defending the hurt members of IKGH but he failed to act
because the fraudsters were on the side of Steven Elliot and guilty
behaviour such as breaking IKGH rules stigmatized by Peter, were accepted
by Steven. We will miss Peter very much, but he would probably be very
happy if we were able to reform IKGH not after a few years of mourning.

I do not understand this attitude of the President of IKGH and the
manifestation of his aggression (something like this should never happen in
public space and people who have managerial experience know it well).
Unfortunately, Steven had no way to learn about it because for the first
time in his life he has the ability to manage and does not use the power
GIVEN BY US to defend members of IKGH but to manipulate, eliminate others
and pursue his interests.

What Bill asks for, Steven is the foundation of IKGH. Organizing meetings
of members and voting at a time when another club affiliated with IKGH
organizes its competition, knowing that IKGH members and IKGH judges will
participate in it, shows the lack of competence of the President or his bad
will? I am talking about the WORLD'S LARGEST AQUARISTIC show CIPS, which
brings together the greatest interests of the aquarium world 100,000
participants. If anyone does not know about this event should he be our
leader? Would the competent President organize a meeting during another

The IKGH meeting we agreed to make in Spring 2019, it does not have to take
place in November 😊))))))))) from another side is the only date when Bill
leaves Europe for CIPS 😊))))). You will understand it yourself, because
during this meeting Steven will probably remember about the election 😊

Together with Steven's Presidency, we do not have one IKGH but a
relationship for those who do business with the President and are on the
correspondence list and the lower caste to which no messages are sent and
such persons have no voice in this relationship and when they ask about the
facts, a hatred campaign meets them including the comment Bill met. Bill
did nothing wrong!

Steven - what can we expect first, to apologize to Bill in public? or will
you resign from the function of IKGH President, which requires working
properly with all clubs and members?

Kind regards,

Tomasz Czyz

Ps. I hope that all IKGH clubs are included in corespondence, if not,
please help distrbute it to missing friends.

czw., 5 wrz 2019 o 07:09 napisał(a):

> This message is addressed to all members of the IKGH and to Fancy Guppies
> UK, the club of Bill Galbally and several of its prominent members.
> First of all I apologise to everyone for the need of this message
> following the unacceptable behaviour of Bill Galbally. This is a guppy
> hobby and not one hobbyist deserves to be receiving unsolicited
> misinformation and messages, especially at this time of mourning. I am
> compelled to clarify the situation regarding emails sent by Bill Galbally
> which some of you received. I am sorry that this message is long but it is
> the only way to explain.
> There was a meeting last year in Slovakia to discuss and agree the rules
> of the IKGH. There were several items that we did not have time to deal
> with properly, mostly proposals for changes to the judging standards
> including, colour coding, the allocation of EC status and the training and
> education of judges. It was agreed that we would have a second meeting
> in the spring time but too many were not able to attend so it was decided
> that we would re arrange the discussion / workshop this coming November.
> The meeting is based upon those who attended the first meeting and some
> who showed particular interest. It is not intended as being open to all – a
> relatively smaller group would afford proper and true discussion which is
> not practical in a larger meeting. A message was sent out on the 21st
> August 2019 asking for confirmation of those who would be able to attend.
> It was requested that a reply be received by the 27th August. Most are
> willing and able to attend. There were one or two that did not respond and
> so I have been re contacting them to obtain a reply. This included Bill
> Galbally who then informed me of the show in China that takes place at the
> same time. I immediately contacted the organiser with apologies which were
> graciously accepted.
> On the 27th of August 2019 I had a conversation via email with Bill
> Galbally regarding the matter. Bill wants the whole event re organised so
> that he is able to attend. This is not possible. He has no consideration
> for the availability of others. What I find extremely disappointing, and
> clearly motivated with the intention of causing trouble, is that the
> conversation was sent by blind copy (ie without my knowledge), as it
> proceeded, to a select list that includes some IKGH members and not other
> IKGH Members, to none IKGH members, and private individuals who Bill
> Galbally presumably thought would support his rampage.
> Normally I have dealt with problems in a diplomatic and none
> confrontational way that has not involved those who do not want to be
> concerned, however on this occasion an explanation to all is necessary.
> I note that my final message in the conversation was not relayed as the
> previous messages were and so here is my final message for those who are
> interested.
> *Hello Bill. *
> *The date is organised and will not change. The meeting room is available
> and has been booked. A reasonable price has been agreed with the hotel if
> people want to take advantage. I for one will not be able to attend
> another weekend in November. *
> *Bill, there is no debate, the date is set and will not change, not even
> for one person. Full stop. *
> *It is unfortunate that the show in China is the same weekend. If I had
> of known then I still would have made the same decision. The meeting will
> not have a big affect to their show. Their show is not EC. It is not to
> IKGH standards and classes. They are simply a member club. There are
> other shows all around the world most weekends of the year and we can not
> possibly avoid all shows. My full apologies and explanation have already
> been expressed and accepted by the organisers. *
> *I am sorry that you will not be able to attend the IKGH meeting, but I as
> have stated we shall make arrangements for your opinion to be included if
> you wish. I can do no more than that. If that does not satisfy you then I
> am sorry that there is nothing else that can be done.*
> *On another subject, you have not responded or mentioned your 2nd club as
> requested so I assume that you do not want to register this club with the
> IKGH. The fee of 30 Euro is therefore set for the two UK clubs and FGUK
> must pay their dues of that amount.*
> *Steve Elliott*
> *IKGH President*
> So I ask myself, if I had realised that the meeting and the Chinese show
> were at the same time, would I, could I, have made a change ? The answer
> is simply no. There are other attendants who would not be able to make
> another time available. Bill Galbally has no preference over other
> breeders.
> The main offence that I take from this situation is that Bill Galbally has
> deliberately forwarded a private conversation, without my knowledge and as
> it took place. The only motive is an attempt at causing discourse,
> argument and trouble in the IKGH and to try to get his own way.
> Again I apologise to those who quite rightly simply want to keep breed and
> show their guppies without political interference.
> It seems that I am unable to trust Bill Galbally with any personal or
> private messages. I could retaliate and cause a huge argument, but I am
> not prepared to lower myself and to get into a distasteful cat fight that
> will not achieve or change anything. I try to be much more honourable and
> professional than that. However, I am not prepared to continue any more
> with this out of proportion, disrespectful antagonistic behaviour. From
> this moment he is deleted from my communications list and I will no longer
> respond to any of his messages. His club ‘Fancy Guppies UK’, must find a
> new person to communicate to the IKGH on their behalf. There is already
> another person on the list from FGUK (any member club can have as many as
> they wish). With regards to the new club of Bill Galbally, the Phoenix
> Guppy Club of Great Britain, they will also have to find a new
> communication officer. I am satisfied that Bill Galbally is not acting
> or communicating on behalf of his clubs to whom I apologise but confirm
> that there is no affect on their standing in the IKGH. I also again
> apologise to the Chinese International Pet Show and its organisers.
> There is never any problem with constructive disagreement and discussion.
> Whilst I appreciate that some breeders may be more passionate than others,
> deliberate acts of divisive behaviour, disrespect and personal insults can
> not be condoned or tolerated.
> Steve Elliott
> IKGH President

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