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b Complaint from The Hungarian EC show

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I have received a complaint from the show in Hungary.

The first thing that I have to say, I am sure everyone will agree that
the show was exceptionally good and this complaint does not affect the
standing of the Hungarian show or club in any way. This will be clear to
everyone when they understand the nature of the complaint.

The IKGH has received a complaint from Tomasz Czyz who has alleged that
he was physically hit by Waldemar Kołecki during the judging at the show
in Hungary. The allegation does not indicate a specific rule that has
been broken although a punishment of a lifetime ban from the IKGH has
been requested.

As per the IKGH rules the complaint was received within 1 week of the
show. All of those involved and all members of the IKGH are hereby
informed within 1 week of that notice.

However, the complaint is mostly regarding the conduct of individuals,
but the IKGH rules have been written to consider the organising of a
show. Two completely different things.

>From the complaint received, the only item relevant to the existing
rules is the taking of photographs during judging by Waldemar.

The new 2019 rule clearly states:


Principles for the execution of the European Championship for Guppy
breeders, and International Guppy Shows.

* 1.2a Minimum criteria for European Championship shows:

20 No photography is allowed in the
show room before judging is finished.

To clarify, the original rule proposal was to have no flash photography.
It was revealed at the meeting, in Slovakia last November, that the
focussing mechanism of cameras may also stress fish. The proposal was
then altered to mean all photography and not just flash photography.

I have statements from most people present and it is clear that
photographs with and without flash were taken before the judging was
complete. As a judge, it must be assumed that Waldemar was aware of the
rule, and if he wasn't he should have been.

It is not reasonable or proportionate that this is a matter that
deserves a lifetime ban from the IKGH. I propose that a formal warning
is given to Waldemar Kołecki both as a Judge and as a competitor at

Waldemar now has 2 weeks to formally respond.

The information that I have received also alleges that the International
Observer Eddy Vanvoorden was also involved by allowing the photography
when asked, although without flash was intended. Again, he should have
been aware of the rule.

As previous, it is not reasonable or proportionate that this is a matter
that deserves a lifetime ban from the IKGH. I propose that a formal
warning is given to Eddy Vanvoorden as a Judge.

Eddy now has 2 weeks to formally respond.

They have both already admitted the offence and as such there is no need
for a membership vote if their replies accept the accusation and the
proposed punishment.

The second matter that alleges aggression between judges is much more
serious, but there is no format provided in the IKGH rules to be guided
by. It is clear that unsocial behaviour and arguing is not acceptable,
even if there is no mention in the rules.

The two individuals have a history of arguments and disagreement and the
conflict has nothing to do with the IKGH and the IKGH is not responsible
for a quarrel between grown up men. The IKGH is not a stage for their
disagreements to be solved. This can only be something between them, if
they have a problem with each other they must solve it themselves
without dragging others into the conflict.

This type of behaviour has never been encountered in the history of the
IKGH. There is no written protocol to follow and there is no precedence
to follow. There is no specific rule that has been broken. The
complaint can therefore not be recognised without going beyond the remit
of the organisation

No further action can take place according to the rules, except that the
rules need to be reviewed and amended with the approval of the
membership by vote.

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

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