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Virtual show invitation and rules

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Virtual show invitation and rules
president@ikgh.net - 11:17To all IKGH members

This show is only for IKGH members.

GUPPY KEEPERS SOCIETY (UK) first online virtual show

IKGH members are invited to take part in our new formal virtual guppy

The situation with the covid 19 pandemic has resulted in all IKGH
European Championship shows being cancelled together with other European
'international' guppy shows. It may be that this continues for the
foreseeable future.

Whilst we are not able to meet in person, it is still possible to have
the flavour of guppy shows by means of the internet and so called
virtual shows. Guppy Keepers Society (UK) have invested a lot of time,
together with Ralf Loch to further develop the computer programme used
for organising and running a normal IKGH guppy show so that it can be
used for a virtual guppy show.

There have already been several online shows, many not to IKGH rules,
and mostly taking several weeks to produce the results. This newly
developed format will allow an online show to take place as near as
possible to all respects of a normal meeting and guppy competition,
including the timings.

Breeders must pre register to obtain a special number that must be
included in the video (ie new and original video). The video entry must
be received by 6pm on the Thursday before the show. They will be
uploaded by the host club so that the judging will take place on the
Saturday. The results will be available instantly when the judging is
complete, certainly by the end of Sunday. No more waiting for the
results of a virtual show.

The classes and standards and judging will all be as near as possible to
having a live guppy show.

A 1 The competition is open to only the members
of IKGH registered club

2 Date of registration. From 21st September
2020 - contact stephen.elliott1@virgin.net

3 Date to send video entries - 16th October
2020 until Thursday 18.00 (6.00pm) GMT 22nd October 2020

4 Date of Judging - Saturday 24th October

5 Date of results - by the end of Sunday
25th October 2020

B Competitors must video a matched pair of guppies for the

* Must be max 30 seconds long
* Must be mp4 format and maximum of 20mb, suitable to be loaded to You

Organisers suggest free programmes such as "hand brake" can be used to
minimise file sizes.

* Can have a blue or a black background (a choice is allowed)
* The video must not include any name, watermark or advertising.
* The video must clearly show and include the reference number
provided by registration. There will be one reference per breeder.
Registration numbers are specific to each show event and can be obtained
from elliott1@virgin.net for this event.
* The video must be taken after the date that the registration number
is issued (evidenced by the breeders reference number being included in
the video) and the video must be specific for this exhibition and must
not be used for any other show or event.
* The video sent to the organiser must be identified and named by
breedername_club_ fish code (eg Johnsmith_GKS_ A1_6_1). Note - this
is the file name and should not be included or visible in the video.
* There will be a maximum of 5 entries allowed per breeder (Total
Entries will be restricted to 200 to allow sufficient time for the
judgement to take place in one day. Tank allocation will be made on a
first come first served basis).
* There must be a metric ruler included on the rear wall of the
photographic tank as a point of reference for size.
* There must only be the pair of guppies in the tank with no gravel or
substrata, no plant or ornament, no food or brine shrimp and no air
bubbles or filter equipment. A bare tank.
* Any lighting may be used, but it must be constant and not changing
* Videos must be received by Thursday 22nd October 2020 by 18.00
(6.00pm) GMT

The organisers will reply to confirm when each video is received

* The quality of the video must be reasonable for the judges to assess
the guppies. The guppies must be seen closely. Note better quality
videos usually picture the winning fish, however most videos are taken
with standard mobile telephone equipment. Specialist photographic
equipment is not required
* All rights and ownership of the videos shall become the property of
the organising club and will be posted on You Tube and open to
competitor's to view / open for public viewing

C 1 The Event will be organised and administered on the
basis of a normal IKGH show as much as

possible in every aspect except presence.

2 There will be 13 classes as per IKGH tail standards

3 There will be 5 judges, with no more than two from
the same country or club.

They will all assess all entries, from their own
location without the need for any traveling

4 Points allocation will be as per normal IKGH
allocation for guppy pairs

5 Standards will be the normal IKGH 2020 standards

D 1 The competition does not have reward or trophies for
the winners, only bragging rights and

the honour and satisfaction for the winners

2 The organisers will forward all competition results
to all competitors

3 The organisers will adhere to the planned timetable
as much as possible

4 The organisers may change or correct the guppy code
provided by the breeder

5 The organisers have the right to refuse or limit
entries when the full allocation of 200 tanks is Achieved.

The organisers may also not include substandard,
poor quality videos and unhealthy exhibits.

6 Videos that do not include a show reference
provided by registration, or a ruler will be excluded

7 The decision of the organisers is final and

8 The decision of the judges is final and

9 Participation in the event is acceptance of all
rules without exception.

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