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Šmiga Ľubomír

in Ausstellungen 26.10.2020 20:32
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Dear guppy friends - breeders and judges.
Thank you very much to all the clubs which sent me their votes. I
really appreciate your support and faith in me. I respect you not only as
breeders and judges, but also as people. I will do everything so that I do
not disappoint your trust. I will do everything to ensure that IKGH
continues smoothly and in a peaceful atmosphere. I will do everything we
can to transparently adopt good and beneficial amendments to improve our
hobby and life. Once again, it is a great honor for me to be elected, both
successful breeders and organizers of amazing shows.
The president is for all members to listen to their problems and,
if possible, to solve them with the help of others. The president evaluates
the decisions of you - the members - of the clubs. Good breeders with
ethics in breeding and life are important for IKGH. I respect all those who
voted in the elections, not only for me, but also for other candidates.
I know many of you personally and I respect everyone because you
create wonderful values in life.
In the coming days, I will publish the names of the vice
presidents I have chosen. I will also publish the state of IKGH's finances
and open the issue of exhibitions for the next exhibition season. I will
suggest how we could improve the translation and approval of proposals in
the future, to make their selection and implementation more effective.
Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your huge
support and help not only in these elections.

Sincerely, Ľubomír Šmiga

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Results of IKGH Presidential Election

in Ausstellungen 26.10.2020 20:34
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To all IKGH Members

First of all Congratulations to the clear winner of the election Lubomir

I would also like to thank the two other candidates for taking part in
the process.

The biggest thanks go to Vice President Pawel Przybylski who has
conducted the whole process with patience and integrity.

Steve Elliott

IKGH President

The declaration of results in the election for a new IKGH President:

41 clubs voted.
Candidates collected 110.48 points.
One vote was abstaining.
One vote was invalid due to no fees.
One vote was too late but it was included in the statistics.

Bill Galbally got 13 votes and 27.74 points.

Rainer Hartwig got 6 votes and 16 points.

Lubomir Smiga got 21 votes and 66.74 points.

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