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New IKGH President

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von franzpeter | 12.139 Beiträge

To all IKGH Members

The vote for the new IKGH President is complete and I pass on the honour
to our new leader Lubomir Smiga with Immediate effect.

I am always available to offer help and advice when requested. I truly
wish Lubomir the very best in his new role as IKGH President.

There are many accomplishments, developments and progressions that I
have been able to oversee. I do not intend to list them and I do not
label them as 'mine', they have all been achieved by you, the
membership. Nothing changes without the permission of the members, but
even so I think that the changes would not have been easily achievable
in the past.

The IKGH is very well respected and admired throughout the world for
both the integrity of the organisation and the quality of the standards,
the guppy IHS. I very much hope that this can continue and develop even
more to justify and maintain the reputation of the largest and best
guppy organisation in the world.

The IKGH was formed simply to be responsible for the organising of the
European Championship competition for guppies. This has been done with
the contribution of the show organising clubs to the benefit of the
breeders. Everyone deserves thanks for their efforts at all times, not
just in the last 4 or 5 years.

I would also like to take this final opportunity to thank everyone for
their help and support during my time as IKGH President.

Firstly Pawel and Lubimir who have done a sterling job as IKGH Vice
Presidents. Ex President Eddy V has always been willing to lend an ear
and is currently organising the IKGH website. Thank you for that Eddy.
There has always been a group of able and very well respected breeders
who have been willing to discuss and give advice. This has always been
appreciated but there are too many to list, you know who you are and you
have my heartfelt thanks. This is especially relevant to the few who
said 'how can we help' rather than complain or whine.

If there was a cup or trophy or prize for someone who has contributed
the most to the IKGH during my Presidential time then there would be no
doubt or disagreement from anyone, as to who would receive this. Many
shows and events would simply not have taken place without his help.
All of his contributions are selfless and done for enjoyment, community
and the good of all. The one special person in the world, who I am sure
will not be seeking any recognition - but it is well deserved. Ralf
Loch. Thank you Ralf.

Finally thank you to those who have recently taken the trouble to thank
me for my Presidential work. It is appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you all again sometime in the future at a guppy

All future formal IKGH communications should now be directed to
President Lubomir

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