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*Hello guppyfriends.*

For ideal communication we have to have clear information.
I made mistake in the first email, because i wrote that email addresses
will be visible for all members. Of course, I want to do it by this way,
for transparent organisation of all things. But on the other side, GBPR
laws are. Therefore I´m writing this email, too.

*Necessary information for further communication and trouble-free operation*

*Question 1:* Please, write to me, until *06.11.2020* *your current email
address/es* (ideal is to have one address for club, for elimination of

*Question 2*: Please write to me, until *06.11.2020*, whether your *club
email address* *(which is /are written in Question 1)* *can *or* cannot *be
published (visible) *during email communication*:

**YES* - (published –
visible for all members)

**NO* - (in blind copy)

*Question 3: *Please write to me, until *06.11.2020*, whether your *club
email address* *(which is/are written in Question 1)* *can *or* cannot *be
published (visible) *on IKGH web site*:

* *YES* - (published –
visible for all members on web site)

**NO* - (email address
will be not on IKGH web site)

* Please write YES or No for each address (if you have more contact

** The email addresses which will be not in my email until 6.11.2020 with
answers (YES, NO) will be in blind copies and not at IKGH web site *!!! *And
i will use the addresses from list, which i have from ex-president.

*Question 4:* Please write me, until *15.12.2020,* whether are some *changes
of club president *and in* addresses *of president, resp. club (for
innovation of IKGH web site – I will sent it to webmaster).

*Question 5:* Please write me, until *15.12.2020* current (actual) *list of
judges* from your club.

*If you have some questions, just write me the email. I wish you strong
health and good mood*.

*PDF is attached*

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