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results of Vice president election and treasurer

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*I wish you a pleasant evening, dear breeders and judges.*

*Thanks to all the clubs that took the time to send a vote* to one of the
candidates. A total of 24 clubs took part in the election of the
vice-presidents, of which 12 also elected the treasurer. When electing vice
presidents, the votes of one of the clubs were not included, due to
non-payment of the membership fee.

*Congratulations to all participating candidates for their obtained votes*.
Many of you have been new candidates with amazing results.

*Results of Vice president election *

*Przybylski Paweł* (club MOL/Poland) - 14 clubs: *39,54 votes*

*Stieranka Marián* (club KFFE/Slovakia) - 13 clubs: *33 votes*

*Toma István* (club AME/Hungary) - 8 clubs: *26 votes*

*Torsten Rickert *(club CAGD/Germany) – 5 clubs: *12,54 votes*

*Results of Treasurer election*

*Tim Herrmann* (club CAGD/Germany) – 12 clubs: *29,54 votes*

New Vice presidents for next season are *Przybylski Paweł* (club
MOL/POland) and *Stieranka Marián* (club KFFE/Slovakia) and new treasurer
is Tim Herrmann (club CAGD/Germany*). Congratulations on your victory and
I hope that our joint communication and cooperation will be for the benefit
of IKGH, fair play and the way it is among real men.* Let's keep our
fingers crossed. I will contact you tomorrow and propose a plan for further
procedures for managing IKGH.

*I wish you a strong health and good atmosphere around you. Thank you very
much for support and help.*

· *Email without my signature, because I´m in my home town
and i have not functional printer*

*Best regards, Ľubomír Šmiga (President of IKGH)*

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